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over 1 year ago

Additional hackathon info + workshop

Hello everyone, some announcements about the hackathon:

We are going to be keeping all of the instructional materials here. Make sure to check this page regularly.

If you are already experienced with this kind of stuff, you can just go over the existing material and get started by yourself. For those who are coming from the previous Chainlink Hackthon, note that in this hackathon, you don't have to:
- Find APIs
- Develop and host external adapters
- Host Chainlink nodes
Just plug in jobs from Honeycomb Marketplace and start developing your dapp.

If you have some programming experience but not with smart contracts/dapps/Chainlink, we are going to be supporting you to be able to submit a full-fledged dapp by the end of the hackathon through virtual workshops. Also feel free to ask for help on Discord or Telegram.

The first of the workshops is going to be tomorrow. All workshops are going to be recorded, uploaded to Youtube, and linked to in the Github wiki.

Title: Making a Honeycomb Request
Description: We will navigate Honeycomb Marketplace to find job listings and make Chainlink requests using them. The examples will not have any front-end components.
Time: 23.11.2019 (Saturday) 17:00 GMT


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.